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The IBAS is a non-governmental body that provides accreditation services to certification organizations round the world. having number of experts with exposure of certifications and writers to standards. IBAS basically covers accreditation of management system, product certification, inspection services and personnel certification see the services section. Nominated technical team is assigned for each sector of accreditation by the board of IBAS that ensures eligibility before announcement of accredited body.
IBAS works as per significant worldwide benchmarks and prerequisites and keeps up uprightness and fair-mindedness while considering national and open intrigue. IBAS expects to set up an autonomous, fair and straightforward accreditation framework. As a not-revenue driven accreditation body, choices made by IBAS are not expose to any business or monetary commitments. IBAS is internationally recognized and objective of becoming a signatory to international Multilateral / Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MLA / MRA) simultaneously ensuring measures to safeguard impartiality and objectivity of its accreditation process.